Sunday, May 19, 2019

Salesforce Interview Questions on Apex

Here in the interview question series on apex, I have tried to cover most of the topics from which questions  are asked to a  Salesforce Developer in interview. Please click on the respective link for detail explanation.

1) What is with sharing and without sharing in Salesforce?

2) What is wrapper class in Salesforce?

3) What is future methods in Salesforce?

4) Is it possible to call future method from Batch class or another future method?

No, we cannot call.

5) What is order of execution in Salesforce? 

6) What is custom setting in Salesforce and what are its type?

7) What are apex code best practices?

8) How to call apex class from process builder in Salesforce?

9) What is OWD in Salesforce?

10) Is it possible to edit apex class in production?

No. we can edit in sandbox.

11) What are governor limits in Salesforce?

12) What are triggers in Salesforce?

13) What is junction object in Salesforce?

14) What is test class in Salesforce?

15) What is batch class in Salesforce?

16) What is SeeAllData in salesforce?

17) What is wrapper class in Salesforce?

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