Mastering Interview Questions on LWC and Javascript for LWC

Welcome to our comprehensive course on Interview Questions focusing on Lightning Web Components (LWC) and JavaScript for LWC! Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills or a newcomer seeking to break into this exciting field, this course will provide you with the essential tools and expertise to confidently tackle interview questions on LWC and JavaScript for LWC.

This course will cover 53 Interview Questions on LWC and 10 Interview Questions on Javascript for LWC.

About Me:

I am Farukh Haider Shaikh with a total experience of more than 8 years. I am certified Salesforce and Vlocity developer/solution architect. I am 12x Salesforce Certified and hold Salesforce Communication Cloud Accredited Professional accreditation.

Table of Contents:

Category A: Interview Questions on LWC.

Category B: Interview Questions on Javascript for LWC

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