I generally get emails from learners about the difficulties that they face when they are appearing for an interview. Usually, in an interview, we are given real-time scenarios and asked to suggest solutions. When we have basic knowledge about things that we have acquired while reading interview questions, we face difficulties while suggesting solutions to the questions that are asked in an interview. What I believe is that we need to clarify basic concepts instead of reading interview questions. This will not only help us in clearing basic concepts but also in providing solutions to those questions that we might not have faced in real-time.

Here, I am going to cover the topic of APEX TRIGGERS IN SALESFORCE.

In this course on APEX TRIGGERS IN SALESFORCE, we are going to learn what triggers are in Salesforce and how to use triggers in real-time development, considering multiple scenarios. We will try to cover almost everything we should know about triggers, from basic to advanced.

Let us have a look at the topics that I will be covering. Click on the respective topic to learn more in detail.

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  1. Thank you so much for very detailed and clear explaination