Tuesday, March 9, 2021

What are variables and constants in Javascript?

 (A) Variables:

1) Variable are used to store data values. 

2) Variable name contains only letters, digits or the symbol $ and _.

3) Variable name must begins with letter, $ and _ and not with digits.

4) To create variable we use let as shown below,

let name = 'Test';

In older scripts keyword "var" is used.

var name = 'Test';

5) We can also declare a variable as shown below without using let, this was mainly possible during old times and this still works unless we don't put "use strict" in our script.


num = 10;  // will work


"use strict";

num = 10; // error: num is not defined

(B) Constants:

1) Constants are unchanging variables.

2) Declare a constant with const keyword.

3) If we are sure that variable will never change its values use const keyword before variable.


const tDay = '01.01.2000';


1) let is a modern variable declaration.

2) var is old school variable declaration.

3) const is similar to let but value of variable can't be changed.

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