Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Lightning App Builder

Lightning App Builder:

Lightning app builder is used to create lightning  pages for Salesforce Lightning  experience and mobile apps.The Lightning App Builder is a point-and-click tool.Lightning Pages are built using Lightning components which are compact, configurable, and reusable elements that you can drag and drop into regions of the page in the Lightning App Builder.

We can create different types of pages using lightning app builder,

1)App Page
2)Home Page
3)Record Page

Goto Setup > Lightning App Builder > New

Lightning app builder

Components type supported in Lightning pages:

1) Standard Components:

Standard components are Lightning components that are built by Salesforce.

2) Custom Components:

Custom components are Lightning components we creates.

3) Third-Party Components on AppExchange

On AppExchange we can find packages containing components  that are ready to use in lightning app builder.

Lightning pages types:

App page:

Build a one-page app for lightning experience and mobile app.

Home page:

We can customize the lightning experience home page and assign the customized pages to different apps or app-and-user-profile combinations.

Record page:

We can customize lightning experience record page using this.

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